Andrey Bartenev (Russia)

Artist, fashion designer, author of a series of renowned sculptural performances. Born in 1965 in the city of Norilsk, Russia. In his works, Andrey Bartenev combines all the available media; he works with sound, text, dance, theater and visual art. Bartenev actively throws together shapes, materials and fantasies, continuing the ideas of Russian Futurism and kinetic art.

Works of Bartenev have been extensively exhibited in major museums of modern art, and have been acquired by Russian and foreign galleries, as well as private and corporate collections, such as Расо Rabanne, Andrew Logan, Brian Eno, Zandra Rhodes; Zimmerli Museum Collection, MMOMA, New Academy of Timur Novikov, Museum of Unique Dolls, Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve.

Photo by Daniil Golovkin