William Latham (UK)

Computer artist. Born in 1961 in Blewbury, England. William studied at Oxford University and The Royal College of Art. He is well known for his pioneering Organic Computer Art project (generating 3-D computer models or organic life forms using genetic algorithm based techniques) based on his work on the IBM with mathematician Stephen Todd, which was recorded in their book Evolutionary Art and Computers (Academic Press, 1992).

Latham has created artworks for a number of bands including The Shamen, and worked on computer games development with Universal Studios, Warner Bros and Atari. Since 2007, he has been Professor in Computer Art and Games Development at Goldsmiths University of London. His Mutator VR, a Virtual Reality installation using original software modelled on the processes of evolution, has been exhibited to much acclaim in Linz, Venice and in St. Petersburg. He is Director and co-founder of SoftV Ltd and London Geometry Ltd.