Daniele Puppi (Italy)

Artist. Born in 1970 in Pordenone, Italy. With an emphasis on video installation, Daniele Puppi has manifested a new attitude towards this medium, emphasizing and radically subverting the use of sound and visual-architectonic reconfigurations that always reinvents itself. The technologies used – video projectors, synchronizers, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers and microphones – serve to activate and amplify our powers of perception, especially our visual and auditory ones.  An integral part of the work, the viewer is called upon to enter a new and de-familiarized spatial and sensory dimension.

He has held exhibitions at MAXXI, GNAM museum, and Quadriennale in Rome, HangarBicocca and Triennale in Milan, MART in Rovereto, GAMEC in Bergamo, the Melbourne International Arts Festival and MAMBA in Buenos Aires. Lives and works between Rome and London.